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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a portal where subscribers can conveniently buy Premium content to access on TV and Mobile Apps anywhere in the World.
  • Subscription TV Channel packages, Bundled VoD subscription (SVOD) and PPV films (TVOD).
  • Subscription to Sinlge Channels or groups of channels to appear in channel line-up in Apps.
  • OTT means your content can be accessed over the internet but with enterprise grade security (encryption), management and monetization tools.
  • It’s no secret that viewers consume content on the device they prefer with the freedom of being anywhere – no limitations to access.
  • Statistics show a massive growth in OTT for both consumers and content owners.
  • Because Tego Stores circumvent the need for in-app-purchases, you as the content owner get back that piece of the pie that the large corporations of the OTT devices usually are allocated.
  • Our Cloud Technology guarantees plaback onall supported devices and all internet bandwidths.
  • We continually upgrade our apps all year round.